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Medical Aid

Policy for Reimbursement of Medical Expenses

The Nevis Humane Society operates on a very limited budget, financed solely through private donations.  To make the maximum impact with that limited budget, the Board of Directors has implemented the following policies and procedures for payment of medical expenses.

Spay/Neuter (Trim)

We encourage all dog and cat owners to have their animals trimmed.  The Nevis Humane society will pay all or part of trimming services provided by Dr. Pat Bartlett for all local residents with demonstrated need.  We ask animal owners to contribute what they can afford.


NHS will reimburse all or part of the costs of euthanasia for un-owned/stray animals or those owned by local residents.  The animal must be suffering needlessly for which nothing else can be reasonably done, as determined solely by Dr. Pat Bartlett.
Other Medical Expenses

In general, the NHS does not reimburse for other medical expenses.  Exceptions can occur for small, one-time costs that have a significant impact on the life of the animal.  In no case will the NHS pay costs in excess of $150EC for the care of any single animal beyond the cost of the trim.
Foster Care

Some NHS members foster un-owned animals until a life-time home can be found.  NHS will pay for the trim for such animals, and other medical expenses as described above.  If the foster caregiver elects to keep the animal, they will be required to reimburse the NHS.  Failure to do so will eliminate the foster caregiver from receiving any further coverage from the NHS.

To be eligible for full or partial payment, the animal owner or foster caregiver must demonstrate financial need and get prior approval from the NHS by filling out our Application for Payment of Medical Services and submitting to the NHS.  Upon approval by the NHS, owner must schedule the appointment with Dr. Bartlett.  If the owner or foster caregiver does not get prior authorization from the NHS, NHS will assume no responsibility whatsoever for any costs.

For further information, please call our hotline at 762-4357