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March 2008

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UPDATE: St. Kitts baby monkey

Posted by admin @ 4:10 PM, Monday Mar 31st, 2008

We recently returned from a vacation to St. Kitts.  We were excited to visit, partly because it’s advertised as animal- and earth-friendly.  Like many visitors, we were in awe of the natural beauty, the culture and the warm, friendly people we met.  But one thing marred the great beauty of the island and the memories of our experience: on a Southeast Peninsula beach, we witnessed a baby Vervet monkey on a heavy chain with an iron clamp around its waist being dragged around by a local man.  The man tossed the baby monkey into a strange troop of monkeys and it endured a vicious attack.  When some caring people heard the monkeys screaming, they stepped in to stop the attack.

With the scientific evidence linking cruelty to animals to other crime and cruelty towards human beings, no one can afford to tolerate such practices.  We reported the cruel attack on the baby monkey to local police, and consulted with a local vet as well.  We are hopeful that the culprit can be found and the baby placed with a caring wildlife rehabilitator for recovery.  Anyone who witnessed the event or has seen this chained monkey can help by notifying local authorities, or contact us directly.

We encourage tourists to avoid facilities and vendors who engage in cruel practices and all who witness animal suffering to report it to the local police.  With so much to offer, the community cannot afford to let animal cruelty be the memory that visitors take home.

Scott and Gayle Carda