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PO Box 350, Charlestown, Nevis 762-4357

The Nevis Humane Society – The Friends of the ARK is a group of volunteer individuals who work toward the protection and welfare of all animals on Nevis. The society raises funds to provide assistance to injured, abandoned, orphaned and sick animals, promotes education on the treatment and care of animals, cooperates with government officials to advocate for and enforce animal welfare laws, and works toward the long term goals of building an animal shelter and purchasing a mobile veterinary clinic.

Our Purposes:

• To promote the welfare of animals on Nevis

• Educate school children, youth and adults on humane treatment and proper care of animals

• Advance community awareness of animal issues such as overpopulation, dog fighting, breeding and obedience training

• Provide support for medical care, spaying and neutering, and euthanasia of critically injured or terminally ill animals

• Support foster care and adoption programs for homeless animals

• Work with government officials to solidify and enforce existing animal welfare laws that deal with issues of cruelty such as dog fighting, poisoning, drowning and neglect.

• To decrease overpopulation of feral animals by spay & release programs.

• Support existing animal rescue shelters staffed by volunteers, for the purpose of housing unwanted animals until adoption or humane euthanasia

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